Annual audit of registrants CPD record

This page has been written to help those GCC registrants who have been randomly selected to send us the evidence of their CPD learning with others. It may also be of interest to CPD providers and members of the public.

You can find further information on our CPD requirements here.

Whats in this section

What is the CPD audit?

All GCC registrants must complete 30 hours of CPD each year to stay on the Register. This involves filling in a CPD record summary and giving information of the learning they have done.

As a way of making sure registrants are doing the learning they tell us they are doing, randomly check a percentage of registrants records annually. Those randomly selected must send us evidence to show  they have completed the hours learning with others they stated on their CPD record summary.

Why don't you ask for evidence of learning alone?

Although CPD is made up of hours learning alone as well as learning with others, we can't check that registrants have actually read the book or researched the information they have told us about, so we only ask for documentary evidence of  learning undertaken with others.

What evidence must I send?

All evidence of hours learning with others must be from a third party who was involved with the learning activity you completed. If it was a formal event, such as a seminar of lecture, then it must be from the organisers of the event. If it was informal, such as case discussion with colleagues, then the evidence would need to be from one of your colleagues present at the event.

Any evidence you send us must include:

  1. your name as it appears on the Register of Chiropractors
  2. the date, or range of dates, of the learning activities
  3. the title of the activities, or if the learning was informal, then a brief description of the contents
  4. confirmation of your attendance

Evidence can be in the form of a certificate, signed letter, or an email  from the person verifying your CPD sent to us direct.


What can't I send as evidence?

Please note we do not accept the following as evidence of CPD:

  • course notes
  • textbooks
  • receipts/ invoices of any kind

How do I send evidence?

You can upload evidence of your learning via the MY GCC website in the same place that you complete your CPD record summary.


What happens if I don't send in my CPD evidence?

If we do not receive the evidence to verify 15 hours of learning with others by 30 September, and you do not have exceptional circumstances that would allow the Registrar to waive the requirement for that year, you will be liable to be removed from the Register.

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