Using the 'I'm Registered' logo

This page is for chiropractors and gives details of the logo we have designed as a way of showing to patients they are GCC registered.

Whats on this page?

What is the 'I'm Registered' logo?

The GCC has produced a logo for UK practising chiropractors to use, to assure their patients that they are registered with us. 

It can be used on your promotional material, stationery, websites and any signage that you have control over.

What does it look like?

It’s available in 2 different formats and you can choose which one you like as long as it appears clear and unchanged on any of the material, website or signage.



To download the logo in black, right click on the image above and then click 'Save link as...' or'Save target as....' depending on which website browser you use. 

Pantone 308

To download the logo in Pantone 208, right click on the image above and then click 'Save link as...' or'Save target as....' depending on which website browser you use.

The logos are designed to be simple and clear so that patients and the public recognise that you are registered with the GCC.

Read the guidance note on how you can use the logo.

The GCC already has a logo, can’t we use that?

No, the logo that appears at the top left-hand corner of this page is the GCC’s corporate logo. The “I'm registered” logo specifically relates to your registration, this has been done to differentiate it from our corporate logo. This is because patients and the public might mistakenly believe the GCC is endorsing your practice rather than simply showing that you are registered.

If you are currently using our corporate logo you must replace it with the “I'm registered” logo as soon as possible.

Do I have to use the “GCC registered” logo?

No - It’s entirely up to you. You are not obliged to use the logo, although we think it would be helpful to your patients if you did.

If you use the logo then the terms and conditions apply to you whether you have read them or not. Before using the logo, read the Terms and Conditions of use

If the logo is misused by registrants this will be regarded as misconduct and may be pursued as a fitness to practise matter.

What happens if someone who isn't registered uses the logo?

If someone who is not registered with us uses the logo, they will be committing a criminal act and be liable for prosecution.

If you are aware of anyone who does misuse the logo, get in touch with our Regulation Team immediately on 020 7713 5155.

What else do I need to know about the “GCC registered” logo?

You must not change the logo at all, or create your own version of it. This is because we want to create a standard logo that is instantly recognisable for patients and the public alike.