The non-practising registration fee

Please note that our policy on who may pay the reduced fee as they are not practising is changing for the 2020 registration year. You can find further details of our policy on the website [here].

If you are intending to apply for non-practising registration please ensure you comply with The Code and our guidance documents, particularly on advertising to the Public.

What is non-practising registration?

Non-practising is a rate of registration fee set out only in the fee schedule of the Registration Rules. It is not a distinct category of registration, nor is it a Register separate to that containing practising registrants. The sole distinction between practising and non-practising registration is that those registrants not intending to practise as chiropractors within the UK for an entire registration year (1 January to 31 December), may pay a reduced fee of £100.

Where someone intends working as a chiropractor in the UK at all during a registration year, then they must apply for practising registration since they will not meet the legal requirement allowing them to pay the non-practising rate.

The GCC annotates the Register of Chiropractors to indicate to the public and patients which registrants are paying the lower rate and therefore not practising in the UK. These details are also published on the GCC’s website.

The GCC’s primary role is to protect patients, but this is only necessary where there is a risk. Chiropractors not working in the UK do not pose a risk to patients and so there is no utility in them remaining registered with the GCC. In fact to have chiropractors on the Register who are not actively working in the UK in the long-term is confusing to patients and the public alike.


GCC’s view on when it is appropriate to take non-practising registration

The GCC is of the view that the non-practising rate of registration is for those registrants who do not intend practising in the UK for short periods of time of less than 2 years, due to, for example: A period of illness

  • Maternity/ paternity
  • Full time education
  • Sabbatical.

Where a registrant is not intending to practise in the UK in the future, for example as they have retired or reside permanently overseas, we consider that taking non-practising registration is inappropriate and not within the spirit of GCC legislation. This is because the function of the GCC is to protect patients and the public by registering and regulating those practising as chiropractors within its jurisdiction. Since we have no role either outside of regulation of chiropractors, or outside the UK, no useful purpose is served in remaining registered.


Advantage of allowing registration to lapse or taking voluntary removal if you stop working in the UK

Where someone allows their registration to lapse or take voluntary removal from the Register, they are not disadvantaged in any way should they wish to return to practise in the UK in the future.

Should a chiropractor’s circumstances change and they wish to practise again in the UK, restoration to the Register is similar to transferring from non-practising to practising registration.


Verification of reasons for paying the non-practising fee

Those applying for non-practising registration should be aware that the GCC will, from time to time, actively check to ensure they are not in practice as chiropractors in the UK and, should they be found to be doing so, they will be referred to the Fitness to Practise team for investigation. We will also check why chiropractors continue to retain year after year as non-practising when there is no benefit to patients or indeed themselves in doing so.

In addition, the GCC reserves the right to require a registrant who has paid the non-practising fee to provide evidence to verify the reasons of their non-practising status.

If you are unsure whether to retain as non-practising or come off the Register, please call the Registrations team on 020 7713 5155 x5501.

Working outside mainland UK

Channel Islands

Our legislation does not cover the Channel Islands as they have their own legislature. Registrants practising in any of the Channel Islands and who wish to register with the GCC may take non-practising registration. This is because the rules specify that only those working within our jurisdiction must register as practising.

The Isle of Man and Gibraltar

The GCC has signed Memorandum of Understanding with the governments of both the Isle of Man and Gibraltar requiring chiropractors in those jurisdictions to register with the GCC as practising chiropractors.


Working in education

See our note [here] if you are working at one of the UK institutions offering chiropractic courses and considering applying for non-practising registration.