Annual Retention for Chiropractors

Each year all GCC registrants are sent a retention application, which they must complete and return to us together with the retention fee by 30 November.

Click here if you are thinking of retaining as non-practising

Click here to fill in your retention application and pay the fee

Why do I have to retain on the Register?

Those registrants who wish to remain on the Register next year need to show us they are fit to practice, by filling in a form that requires them to confirm whether they have, for example, any disciplinary matters with other regulators, health issues or criminal convictions.

In addition, registrants must pay a fee each year to stay on the Register.

How do I retain on the Register?

The simplest way of filling in your annual retention application is to logon to our website [here] and fill in your details online.

However, if you have difficulties doing so you can print off a paper version of the form [here]. Please note that paper forms must be posted back to us.

How can I pay my fees?

Full payment options can be found at Fees

What happens if I don't fill in my form and pay the fee by the 30 November deadline?

The rules state that we must issue you with a final warning notice before the deadline of 30 November. This warning notice allows you a further 14 days to fill in the form. This means that you will have until 14 December 2017 to complete your annual retention and pay the fee.

If you application is not complete by the 14 December your registration will lapse and you will no longer be registered.

What if I don't want to stay on the Register?

If you do not intend staying on the Register you can allow your registration to lapse on 14 December. However, if you wanted to practice as a chiropractor until 31 December, you will need to apply for voluntary removal from the Register. You can find details of how to do this on our website [here].

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