Paying your retention fee by direct debit

If you wish you may pay your fee in advance by direct debit. To do this you will need to print and fill in a direct debit instruction, before posting it back to us.


Whats on this page?

How does the Direct Debit scheme work?

A direct debit allows the GCC to collect a specified amount from your bank account on a regular basis - usually monthly or quarterly.

Please be aware that as your fee must be paid before 30 November, in the year prior to that which it relates, we must collect direct debits in advance. This means that if you wish to pay your 2018 fee by direct debit, we would collect payments between January to October 2017.

You will need to fill in the direct debit instruction [here], and post it to us at:

General Chiropractic Council

Park House

186 Kennington Park Road


Can I email the direct debit instruction to you?

No, banks will only accept the instruction if it contains your original signature, therefore you must post it to us at the address above.


What happens when you receive my instruction?

Once you have sent us the filled in direct debit instruction, we will collect the account details and post the original instruction, along with a letter, to your bank. Your bank will then allow us to start collecting payments.

We will send you a letter to confirm that your direct debit has been set up and give you a list of the amounts we will be collecting and on what dates we hope to collect those.

Can I email or fax my filled in direct debit instruction back to you?

Your bank will only allow us to set up a direct debit if we send them the original direct debit instruction. This means that you will need to post the instruction back to us.

What if I want to cancel the direct debit?

You are free to cancel your direct debit at any time. You can do this by either:

  1. writing, emailing or phoning us to ask that we stop collecting payments, or
  2. contact your bank and cancel the direct debit with them.

What happens if I want to  get my money back?

Unless the retention period has finished or a new registration year has started, we are happy to refund payments to you upon a request in writing (including by email). We will normally refund the payment direct to the bank account we collected payments from.

Please note that it can take up to 3 weeks for the refund to appear in your account.

What guarantee do I have?

The GCC is bound by the direct debit guarantee, which will protect you should anything go wrong. Full details of the guarantee can be found at

Why do I have to pay in advance? Can't I pay in arrears?

The GCC registration rules state that your retention application form and fee both form part of a retention application and therefore must be with us by the statutory deadline. Therefore, the only way to pay in installments is by paying before the registration year begins.

What if I don't want to pay by direct debit?

The direct debit scheme is only an option, we realise its not for everyone and you are under no obligation to pay this way. You can still pay your fee as a lump sum as long as it reaches the GCC's bank account before the statutory deadline.

What would you like to do next?

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