Company Names

If you wish to use any of the following words or titles in a limited company name, Companies House will ask you to provide them with a Letter of Authorisation from us before registering your company name.

The words and titles are:-

·         Chiropractic

·         Chiropractor

·         Chiropractic practitioner

·         Chiropractioner

·         Chiropractic physician

Note that this requirement only extends to limited companies (Ltd) – there is no requirement for a Letter of Authorisation if you use any other type of corporate structure such as a sole trader or partnership.

If you need a Letter of Authorisation, send an email to [email protected] that clearly states the proposed company name (in full) and confirms that :-

-          the company will provide chiropractic services by individuals registered as practising with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC)

-          all clinics trading under the company name will provide chiropractic services only by practising registered individuals

You should also advise us of the address that the letter needs to be sent to.

We are unable to send the letter direct to Companies House.

You should allow five working days for us to process your request.