After the Test of Competence

You will be informed in writing of the outcome of your TOC application within 10 working days of your interview. 

The outcome will be one of the following:

  • Further Evidence Required - there is insufficient evidence in a number of specific area/s to pass, but you may submit further evidence in relation to those specific area/s which, if sufficient, will allow registration to be granted.

The GCC does not enter into correspondence on outcomes of the Test of Competence, but does provide feedback to candidates on those aspects of The Code not demonstrated.

Deadline for Submitting Further Evidence

If the result of your TOC is 'Further Evidence Required' you will be asked to provide the further evidence within 6 months of sitting the TOC interview. We will send you information on the areas that you need to address.

Despite this deadline, we have found that applicants who supply this evidence within 3 months of the TOC interview have a much better chance of passing than those who take longer.

After passing the TOC and before we grant you registration, you will need to make sure that your application for registration is complete. Our registrations team will normally get in touch with you once they received notification of your pass.


Test of competence complaint procedure

The GCC has a complaints procedure in place where a test candidate has concerns that processes, either for the test or the test administration have not been fully followed. Details of which are set out here