Applying for registration - Route 2

Applicants with non-UK chiropractic qualifications

If you hold a chiropractic qualification from outside the UK and do not have EU Community Rights, then may be eligible to apply for registration on the basis that you hold an unrecognised overseas chiropractic qualification.


Before you can apply for registration you must pass the GCC Test of Competence, which is how we make sure that you meet the same standards as chiropractors graduating from an accredited UK course. Click here to find out what documents you must send us before you sit the test.

Please check the list below to see what documents you will need to provide to Register. You may need to start arranging for some documents before you pass the test as, for examples, FBI checks can take up to four months to arrive. All documents should be up to date at the point they are submitted, we may ask for updated versions of your application form, character reference if they are over three months old before registration is granted and also the police check and certificate of good standing if they are over a year old before registration is granted.

Read our FAQs for overseas applicants here

Once you have passed the Test of Competence

We only accept original documents by post. documents scanned and emailed, or those with scanned signatures will not be accepted.

It is an offence to practise as a chiropractor in the UK without first gaining GCC registration. We strongly recommend not booking any patients until such time as you have received confirmation from the GCC registration has been granted.

Once you have passed the Test of Competence, you will be able to apply for registration. An application for registration includes the following documents:

  • a completed application form (Word)(this must be no more than three months old at the point of registration. If it becomes out of date before you are registered we will ask you to send in a newly completed form). If you are unable to open the above word document, you can download a pdf version here.
  • Evidence of your chiropractic qualification
  • medical report confirming that you are physically and mentally fit from your GP/ MD and which must either have been written based on four or more years of medical records or an examination. To save time you can use the questionnaire we have produced for your Doctor to complete here.
  • character reference, which must have been written, dated and signed by someone of professional standing who has known you for four or more years and is not a patient, relative or employee (this must be no more than three months old at the point of registration. If it becomes out of date before you are registered we will ask you to send in a newly completed form). We have produced a proforma character reference for you to pass to your referee to complete [here].
  • police record checks from the national repository of criminal records to cover every jurisdiction in which you have practiced or have lived for more than 12 months in total. These must be original documents not scans. Examples of organisations you may need to contact include: FBI covering the US, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Please note some police checks can take up to four months to arrive.
  • Certificate of good standing or current professional status in respect of every regulatory body with whom you are or have been registered
  • evidence of your indemnity arrangements if you are applying for practising registration. Please note that you will not be registered until such time as your insurance cover has started
  • If any of your documents are not in English, you must enclose a certified translation of the document with the original. For the purposes of registration, certified translations can only be provided by translators who are members of the Institute of Translation & Interpreting (01908 325250,, consular officials or similar.

  • the registration fee

Where to post your application

We only accept original documents for the purposes of registration, with the exception of the certified Birth Certificate. We do not accept scanned registration documents, please post the originals to the GCC office at:

General Chiropractic Council

Park House

186 Kennington Park Road


Please do not bring your application to the GCC office.

What happens when your application arrives