How to Apply

While approximately three quarters of the people who take the TOC are successful, candidates have reported that taking the Test is challenging and that it takes a significant amount of time to collate the required documentation, complete the evidence of practice questionnaire and prepare for the interview.

You can find useful information and resources that will help you to pass the TOC here.

The Test of Competence process is based on ensuring that you know and understand The Code. By demonstrating your understanding of the requirements in those documents, we can be sure that you will be able to practise safely in the UK.  

You may also find our Guide to Applicants useful.

Applying for the TOC

Please read all the information below carefully before you complete and submit your application. 

To apply for the Test of Competence (TOC) you must:  

  1. provide a letter from the educational institution who awarded you with your chiropractic qualification, giving details of how it meets the registration requirements
  2. provide details of the modules you completed as part of your chiropractic qualification and the outcomes of those modules 
  3. complete an Evidence of Practice Questionnaire
  4. attach copies of anonymised patient records
  5. provide a copy of your CV/Resume 
  6. provide a copy of the pages from your passport that have your personal details; and
  7. pay the test fee of £2,000 (fill in the final page of the evidence of practice questionnaire - payment will be taken once your  place on the TOC has been confirmed)

To complete your application, all documents listed above MUST be submitted electronically and emailed to [email protected]. They must be emailed to us all at the same time - failing to do so will result in your application taking longer to process and as a consequence you may miss your first choice interview date.

Do not bring your application to the GCC office or send the above documents in the post - we will not accept if it you do - and do not send hard copies of information that has been submitted electronically in the post.

You will only be invited to attend a TOC assessment interview once we have all of the documents above and are satisfied that your application is complete.

We accept applications on a first come first served basis. We only have a limited amount of spaces at each interview day, so we encourage you to send us your application as soon as possible to increase your chances of being accepted on your chosen date. All spaces may be filled before the closing date.

1. Letter from the educational institution which awarded your chiropractic qualification

You must provide us with a letter from the educational institution which awarded you with your chiropractic qualification, giving details of how it meets the registration requirements.

The letter must include:

  • your full name
  • your chiropractic qualification
  • the date you achieved your qualification
  • the number of study hours, which can include clinic hours and nominal hours allocated for self-directed learning.

2. Module Information and Learning outcomes

You must send us details of the modules that you took as part of your chiropractic degree course along with the learning outcomes for each of these modules and map these against the GCC's Education Standards.

A learning outcome is the standard that you would have had to achieve before passing each module. This information will help you to identify any potential differences between what is required of all chiropractors in the UK and the requirements of chiropractors in the country in which you practised and/or studied. You should be able to obtain this information from the educational institution which awarded your chiropractic degree. 

Submit this form as part of your application.  

3. The Evidence of Practice Questionnaire

The Evidence of Practice Questionnaire provides the GCC with evidence of how you meet the standards in The Code. You will need to complete this questionnaire and send it to us with your application.The questionnaire forms a key part of your application and will be assessed by the Test of Competence Assessment Panel.

The Evidence of Practice Questionnaire has the following sections:

  • Section 1: profile of your caseload
  • Section 2: a neuromusculoskeletal case presentation    
  • Section 3: a  case presentation in which the patient was considered unsuitable for chiropractic treatment / was referred to another healthcare practitioner
  • Section 4: a case presentation in which you concluded that certain techniques were unsuitable (contra-indicated)
  • Section 5: Definition of Acronyms and Abbreviations if used
  • Section 6: application of patient management through the completion of a table showing the different forms of assessment and care you use
  • Section 7: learning undertaken in the last three years.

As well as documenting your past or current practice, the replies that you give in your Evidence of Practice Questionnaire should also outline how you would in future ensure compliance with The Code in similar circumstances. You should provide enough detail to give the panel confidence that you understand the actions that you took and can reflect on why you took these particular courses of action and any issues that may have arisen.

4. Anonymised Patient Records

The Evidence of Practice Questionnaire requires you to attach anonymised patient records to support your answers to Sections 2, 3 and 4. Patient records are compulsory supporting evidence in your application to take the TOC. 

Please remember that when submitting your records:

  • Each patient record must be submitted as one document rather than as single, individual pages. Patient records that have not been collated will not be accepted. 
  • You must clearly label your records to show which section of the Evidence of Practice Questionnaire each set of records refers to. 

If you are an educationist who does not treat patients you can use the clinical cases of chiropractic students that you have supervised rather than ones you have assessed or cared for directly. In this case you must make sure your role and the actions you took in relation to the patient are made clear.

If you are a recent graduate you may use patient notes taken as part of your supervised practical sessions within your course. 

We recommend that you obtain real anonymised patient records where possible. We will accept patient records taken while observing or shadowing chiropractic care. You may create patient records based on real cases only if you have exhausted all other options of obtaining real records; however, please ensure that you make explicit on your application that you have not provided real patient records and also be aware that you may be subject to a longer, more intensive, interview process to ensure that you meet the standards. 

The GCC provides information for overseas educational institutions and employers who may hold responsibility for the patient records that you wish to submit. This information can be found here.

The GCC stipulates that patient confidentiality must be protected by anonymising patient records; therefore applicants must ensure that all personal data within the records are redacted or deleted before being submitted to the GCC. All anonymised records are used for the sole purpose of the Test of Competence. The GCC does not use these records for any other purpose, nor does it share them with any third parties. 

 5. CV / Resume

You must provide an up-to-date copy of your CV / resume that includes your work history especially all chiropractic work you have undertaken.

After we have received your information

Once we have received your completed paperwork, we will check it to make sure it has all the necessary details and has been completed properly. We will contact you if there are any missing parts, or if the information required has not been fully provided. Please note that in the case that we have not received all the required information, your application will be delayed.

Paying for the TOC

Before you sit the test you must pay the fee.

The fee for taking the Test of Competence is £2,000.

Fees are kept under review on an annual basis and are subject to change.

If you complete the form on the Evidence of Practice Questionnaire with your credit card details we will take the fee automatically when your place on the TOC is confirmed.

If you do not give us your credit card details, you will receive a request for payment once we have confirmed your interview date.  

Please do not attempt to make any payments before the GCC has confirmed your place on the TOC. Once you have received confirmation, you will receive a request for payment.

To pay by electronic transfer, make your payment to:

Santander plc 
Bridle Road 
L30 4GB 

Account Name: General Chiropractic Council 
Account Number: 06989640 
Sort Code: 09-07-20 
IBAN (Swift) No: GB49 ABBY 0907 20069896 40 

You should use your surname followed by the letters TOC as a reference so that we can trace your payment.

There are different types of electronic transfer and some can take up to three days to reach our account, so check with your bank that we will receive the money in time.

You will need to ensure that any fees charged by your bank are covered, and that the full amount reaches our account. This could happen if you are making a payment from an overseas bank account.

You will only be allowed to attend the TOC interview once the full fee has been received by us. 

TOC Withdrawal and Refunds

You should only apply for the TOC if you are confident that you will be prepared in time and you will be able to attend an interview day.

If you decide to withdraw your application for the TOC after your place has been confirmed we will refund 50% of your fee (£1,000) if you withdraw up to 1 day before the closing date.

If you decide to withdraw your application on or after the closing date, your fee will be non-refundable unless there is an Exceptional Mitigating Circumstance.

In the case of an Exceptional Mitigating Circumstance, a full refund will be given.