Useful Information and Resources for Applicants

Before going through the Test of Competence process, we highly recommend that you review the following information. This page contains information and recommended resources that will help you to maximise your chances of success.

The Code and Education Standards

The Code: Standards of Performance, Conduct and Ethics for Chiropractors outlines the standards that chiropractors must meet if they wish to join and remain on our register, and call themselves a chiropractor in the UK. It is important that all those wishing to sit the TOC are familiar with and fully understand the principles and standards within the Code and are able o apply it to their practice.

In order to pass the Test of Competence, candidates are expected to have the same level of knowledge as a newly qualified UK practitioner. The GCC’s Education Standards set out the criteria that chiropractic students in the UK must meet in order to qualify. Further information can be found here.


The Chiropractic Professional Organisations

There are five organisations in the UK that provide support and advice to Chiropractors.

These include the four professional associations which are:

 · The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) (

· The McTimoney Chiropractic Association (MCA) (

· The Scottish Chiropractic Association (SCA) (

· The United Chiropractic Association (UCA) (

The profession also has a royal college; the Royal College of Chiropractors (RCC) (


Useful Courses and Modules

The Royal College of Chiropractors (RCC) has developed online modules that are primarily designed to assist those preparing for the TOC. These can be found on the RCC’s website at:


Information on Practising in the UK

In addition to the evidence that you present to us in your Evidence of Practice Questionnaire and supporting documents, the TOC will focus on the differences between the GCC’s criteria on those of other regulatory authorities around the world. These differences have been identified as:

  • The involvement of patients and carers in the care process.
  • The use of research evidence in influencing practice
  • Applying continuous quality improvement in practice.
  • Identifying and understanding the implications for the provision of chiropractic care for a patient on clinically relevant medications (prescribed or bought.)
  • Evaluating the chiropractic care given and modifying the care plan as a result, including ceasing care.
  • The use of wellness care and how this relates to the need to evaluate and review plans of care.
  • The role of chiropractors in the healthcare system in the UK and their relationship with other healthcare professionals.
  • The nature of professional accountability and ethics in the UK context and the duty to protect and promote the interests of patients, including professional boundaries, raising concerns about others and the various GCC requirements.
  • UK legislation including:

-       Safeguarding regulations.(

the Equality Act 2010; (

-       the Data Protection Act 1998; (

-       the Children Act 2004; (

- the Mental Capacity Act; (

-        the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974; (

-        the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017


Experiences of the TOC

While approximately three quarters of the people who take the TOC are successful on the first attempt. Candidates have reported that the process is challenging and that it takes a significant amount of time to collate the required documentation, complete the evidence of practice questionnaire and prepare for the interview.

We have asked a number of previous candidates for the TOC about their experiences and what they would advise future candidates to do. We strongly recommend that you read their experiences before applying, as this will help you to ensure that you submit the best possible application and stand the highest chance of success.

Some common themes came out of the discussions:-

·         taking the TOC represents a major challenge

·         you will need to devote a significant amount of time to making your initial application and to preparing for the interview

·         you will need to have a good understanding of how chiropractic works in the UK and

·         you need to start gathering all of the supporting information when you start your application, as it takes a long time to collate

You can read their comments here.

We have also spoken to one of the TOC assessors to get his take on how candidates should best prepare themselves for the TOC - you can read his views here.

The Test of Competence process is based on ensuring that you know and understand The Code. By demonstrating your understanding of the requirements in those documents, we can be sure that you will be able to practice safely in the UK.