The Chiropractic Register

What we do

The primary purpose of the General Chiropractic Council is to protect chiropractic patients and the public by registering chiropractors and setting standards.

How we do it

The way the GCC fulfils its purpose is by holding a register of chiropractors. This means that before someone calls themselves a chiropractor, they must gain registration with the GCC.

What we will do

We check the documents a registrants provides as part of their registration application. Where the applicant meets all of our requirements the Registrar will grant registration. If the applicant does not meet our requirements then the Registrar has the power to refuse registration.

What must chiropractors do

All registered chiropractors must comply with the GCC's Code. Any failure to comply with The Code may be considered as unacceptable professional conduct and lead to disciplinary action.

The Register

We keep a list of registered chiropractors, publicly available on our website, that can searched by clicking the find a Chiropractor search on our homepage, and which appears on the right-hand side of every page of our website.

To meet our statutory obligations we also produce a 'published register', which provides a snap-shot of the register in January. The latest 'published register', can be found [here]. However, please be aware that the information is not current and you should refer to the online search facility for the most up to date information.

Dealing with complaints

The GCC is a small, self-funding body. It therefore doesn't have the resources to 'police' chiropractors and instead, relies on patients, fellow professionals and members of the public letting us know if there are concerns about a chiropractor. The GCC will then look into those concerns.

Should we establish that a registered chiropractor falls below the standards expected of them then their practise could be prohibited or restricted. The GCC liaises with other EU regulators to ensure they have the necessary information to take appropriate action where necessary. We do this by sending an alert. Find out more [here].

If you need particular help, please email the GCC registration team at [email protected], or phone on 020 7713 5155.