Registration movement reports

Who is this page for?

This page is primarily for GCC stakeholders, including professional associations and indemnity providers, and gives details of those whose registration status has changed during thmonth. It also gives a brief movement summary, which may be of interest to the public.

Whats in the report?

The report includes a record of registration movements and gives details of the names, registered addresses and registration numbers of those registrants whose status has changed during that month, so that those who keep lists of chiropractors have easy access to this information. The report includes:

  • new registrants
  • those who have left the register
  • restorations to the Register
  • transfers to practising registration
  • any disciplinary actions effecting a registrants ability to practise.

The report also has a brief summary showing the numbers of movements on and off the Register for the month.

The report

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January - December 2016 reports

January - December 2015 reports

January - December 2014 reports


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