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All Registrants

In September 2022, the GCC will require all registrants to include a self-reflection of their communication skills, as part of their 2021/2022 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) submission.

Registrants will be required to inform the GCC on how their communication skills enable them to provide a safe and effective service for their patients, and how they have addressed, and/or plan to address, any areas identified for improvement.  This CPD development reflects the approach recently undertaken regarding First Aid.

New Registrants

For new registrants, there will be an additional ongoing requirement to include GCC-specified activities in their CPD return, thereby assuring the GCC that all new registrants commence their professional life with due regard to the essential elements of clinical governance. These include accountability for providing a safe and effective service and safeguarding high standards of care.

During the first years as a UK chiropractic registrant, the GCC will expect registrants to reflect on their skills and understanding on a range of key areas and to address aspects that need strengthening, reporting this activity in their CPD return.

The areas are:

  • Standards-based care (including evidence-based practice)
  • Clinical audit
  • Safety incident reporting and learning
  • Patient recorded outcomes/patient satisfaction measures
  • Reflective practice

We will be issuing guidance shortly and amending the online portal, which will be available to registrants in October.

2020/2021 CPD Submission

We remind all registrants that they must submit their CDP summary via the GCC registrant portal by 30 September 2021.

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