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Statutory Committees

The role of the Education Committee is to guarantee high standards of chiropractic education and training. The committee ensures that these standards are maintained and regularly reviewed, playing a key role in ensuring the statutory duties of the GCC are complied with.

The Education Committee is also tasked to visit educational establishments who wish to deliver chiropractic degree education and review and submit their findings to the GCC for onward consideration by the Privy Council.


Sharon Oliver (Chair)

Carl Stychin 

Mike Barber

Aaron Ross Porter 

Ralph Pottie

Gabrielle Swait

Carol Ward

Donald Cameron

Philip Dewhurst 

The Investigating Committee (IC) investigates all complaints made against chiropractors who are registered in the UK, determining whether they have a 'case to answer' and refer the case to the Professional Conduct Committee or the Health Committee. The Committee can order a chiropractor’s registration to be suspended in cases where this is necessary to protect the public.


Eileen Carr (Lay Chair)

Jill Crawford (Lay Chair)

Lubna Shuja (Lay Chair)

Michael Barber

Jonathan Cairns

Rebecca Channon

Robert Fish

Fran Gillon

Sara Glithro

Edward Groenhart

Clive Maynard

Asmita Naik

Annie Newsam

Daniel Ruby

Daniel Heritage

Nilla Varsani

Lynne Vernon

Miranda Winram

The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) & Health Committee (HC) is made up of chiropractic and lay panelists. The panelists are independent, but are required to take account of the GCC’s guidance.

The Professional Conduct Committee & Health Committee considers complaints against chiropractors referred to it by the Investigating Committee. The Committee can decide whether to determine a complaint by a public hearing or by private written submissions of evidence. If it is found that a complaint against a chiropractor is well founded, the Committee will take one of the following steps:

  • admonish the chiropractor (PCC only)
  • order the Registrar to suspend the chiropractor’s registration for a specified period
  • impose a conditions of practice order
  • order the Registrar to remove the chiropractor’s name from the register (PCC only).


David Clark (Chair)

Paul Allison

Geoffrey Baines

James Gaiger

Philip Geering

Samuel Guillemard

Stephen Greep

Gillian Hawken

Debbie Hill 

Rama Krishnan

Gail Mortimer

Gail Parker

Helen Potts

Stuart Smellie

Carolyn Tetlow

Non-Statutory Committees

The Audit Committee is responsible for the appointment and activity of the external auditors, maintaining and reviewing the General Chiropractic Council’s risk register, the accounting policies and the accounts of the Council. The Committee also monitors the strategic processes for risk and governance of the Council.


Roger Dunshea (Chair)

Gareth Lloyd

Keith Richards

Phil Yalden

Shelagh Kirkland

The Reappointments Committee assesses whether particular candidates for reappointment to the Council should be recommended to the Privy Council. It is a sub-committee of the Council. The membership is decided by the Chair of the Council on each occasion, and will usually consist of two current Council members who are not seeking reappointment at that time, along with one independent member. Different provisions apply to any reappointment of the Chair of the Council.

The Registration Appeals Committee adjudicates on challenges to decisions made by the Registrar in relation to registration matters. It is a sub-committee of the Council, and each panel will consist of three Council members appointed for the purpose by the Chair of the Council.

The Remuneration Committee decides the remuneration, benefits and terms of service of the Chief Executive and Registrar and Directors, and the overall remuneration framework for other General Chiropractic Council employees. It also advises the Council on the remuneration of Council members and Committee members, as well as on the expenses policy.


Steven Gould (Chair)

Sharon Wilson

Tom Greenway

Jooles Sayers


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