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"A chiropractor must obtain consent to provide treatment on the first visit and ensure you understand both their diagnosis and expected outcome"

Chandra Ricks, Green Tree Chiropractic High Wycombe

Your first visit: the initial assessment

Before starting any treatment and to determine the best plan of care, your chiropractor will undertake an initial assessment of your health. This will involve gathering information on your condition, relevant lifestyle aspects and your current and past health history. In addition, your chiropractor will usually perform a physical examination and may recommend further investigations, such as X-rays.

Parts of the initial assessment may require you to remove some items of clothing. If this is the case, you will be offered a gown.

Treatment and care plan

Following your initial assessment, your chiropractor will provide you with an explanation of their findings, what recommended treatment options are available and the benefits and risks of care.

They will also explain alternative treatment options and what happens if your condition does not improve as expected. This may include referring you to another healthcare professional.

At all stages of treatment and care, you will be involved in shared decision-making with the chiropractor.

Once the initial assessment visit is complete, the chiropractor will create a plan of care, which they will discuss with you and answer any questions. 

Download our GCC patient checklist to help you get the most out of your chiropractic treatment

Timescales and cost

Your first visit is also when you should discuss timescales for treatment and costs. An agreement should be reached on how you will be expected to pay for your treatment. Find out, in advance, about the cancellation policies that are in place.

Patient consent

Only when you are happy to proceed and understand the implications of treatment, including the cost, will the chiropractor ask for your consent to begin treatment.


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