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Our partners bring a wide range of different experiences, qualifications and expertise, playing a vital role in supporting the work we do to regulate chiropractors by helping to inform our decision making.

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Legal Assessors provide advice to the Investigating Committee, the Professional Conduct Committee, the Health Committee or the Registrar on questions of law arising in connection with any matters under consideration.

All Legal Assessors are fully qualified, experienced solicitors. In order to act as a Legal Assessor for the General Chiropractic Council, an individual must either:

  • have a 10 year general qualification (within the meaning of section 71 of the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990)
  • be an advocate or solicitor in Scotland of at least 10 years' standing
  • be a member of the Bar of Northern Ireland or solicitor of the Supreme Court of Northern Ireland of at least 10 years' standing.

Medical Assessors provide advice to the Investigating Committee, the Professional Conduct Committee, the Health Committee or the Registrar on matters within their professional medical knowledge and competence.

All Medical Assessors are fully qualified, registered medical practitioners.

The role of the Test of Competence (TOC) Assessment Panel is to impartially assess the evidence presented by chiropractors from overseas who do not hold a chiropractic degree from an education programme recognised by the General Chiropractic Council. Following an assessment of written evidence and interviews, the Panel provides a recommendation to the Registrar on whether the candidate has met the same standards as those graduating from GCC approved chiropractic programmes in the UK. Assessors must have been practising for at least five years.

In addition to the Panel, the Test of Competence is quality assured by the TOC External Examiner, who is completely independent of the General Chiropractic Council.

Education Visitors assess and monitor ongoing or proposed chiropractic degree programmes, using established processes. They analyse programme submissions and provide recommendations to the Education Committee on the approval and continued quality assurance of programmes.  

Reporting directly to the Education Committee and working as part of a panel, they also conduct approval and monitoring visits and participate in revalidation and reviews carried out by education providers. As well as giving expert advice and contributing to the Education Committee’s discussion and decision making, Education Visitors also work collaboratively with other visitors, the General Chiropractic Council executive and other relevant stakeholders.


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The Council is responsible for setting Council strategy, monitoring performance and ensuring its statutory duties are met.

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The GCC has four statutory committees which support the work of the Council. Statutory committees are operationally separate from the Council in order to ensure their decision-making is independent.

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Our Team

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Patient and Public Involvement

This section includes information and opportunities for chiropractic patients with an interest in supporting the work of the General Chiropractic Council

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We are committed to operating in a collaborative, open and transparent manner. This section of the website covers some of the essential information, processes and mechanisms that help to demonstrate our accountability as a regulator

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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