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Patient and public involvement

As a regulator with a statutory duty to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of the public, involving patients and the wider public as key stakeholders is essential to our work. This practice is commonly known as patient and public involvement (PPI).

We are looking to expand our database of individuals willing to be consulted on different aspects of its work. Your level of involvement is up to you and may typically include:

  • Taking part in surveys or research
  • Commenting on promotional materials
  • Participating in focus groups
  • Sharing your personal patient experience (see below)

If you think you could be a voice for patients or the wider public, please contact us to find out more about getting involved by emailing

Involvement in Chiropractic education

Organisations responsible for training future chiropractors aim to involve patients and the public in all aspects of their programmes. Involvement is important during the development of the educational programme, right through to the delivery of the course itself, including the assessment of students.  

As part of our remit we approve educational institutions wishing to deliver chiropractic education programmes that lead to us registering a chiropractor. During our approval visits, we often request a meeting with patients to help inform our decision on the provider’s suitability.

As part of our annual monitoring process of approved educational providers we ask for information on patient and public involvement over the previous academic year. This includes plans for improving the education programme as a result of the involvement, as well as the provider’s plans for improving the involvement of patients and the public in the following year.

If you are interested in becoming involved with an education provider, please contact them directly.


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The GCC has four statutory committees which support the work of the Council. Statutory committees are operationally separate from the Council in order to ensure their decision-making is independent.

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