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General Chiropractic Council Highlight

We Promote Standards

General Chiropractic Council Highlight

We Develop the Profession

General Chiropractic Council Highlight

We Investigate and Act

General Chiropractic Council Highlight

We Deliver Value

By law, the General Chiropractic Council has a statutory duty to develop and regulate the profession of chiropractic.

This means that we have a duty to:

  • Protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and well-being of the public
  • Promote and maintain public confidence in the profession of chiropractic
  • Promote and maintain proper professional standards and conduct for members of the chiropractic profession.

As an organisation, our focus is on delivering against our core strategic aims to:

  • Promote standards: We will set, assure compliance and promote educational, professional and registration standards alongside lifelong learning
  • Develop the profession: We will facilitate collaborative strategic work to support the profession in its development
  • Investigate and act:  We will take right touch action on complaints, the misuse of title or where registration standards are not met
  • Deliver value: We will be a great place to work, work collaboratively and deliver effective and efficient services.

As the UK’s regulator of chiropractors, we take our duties very seriously. It is vital that:

  • Patients and the public can be assured that they are seeing a well-trained and competent chiropractor. Should they have any concerns about a chiropractor, we will investigate them and take action if necessary
  • Registered chiropractors and UK professional bodies feel engaged with the work we do to promote standards and develop the profession and are able to collaborate with us should they wish to. The profession values our approach to best practice to enable continuous learning and is confident in our right touch approach to regulation
  • Key stakeholders want to work with us to uphold our core duties to protect patients and improve professional standards and trust us to deliver effective and efficient services.

Business Plans




GCC Strategy 2022-24 and Business Plan 2023

The GCC Strategy 2022-2024 has been developed to realise and address changes in our profession. Find out how the GCC will meet its commitments through this four-part strategy.

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International Activities

We participate in a wide range of international activities that contribute to our work and supports the development of chiropractic regulation more widely

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This section includes links to the legislation that governs the regulation of chiropractors in the UK and how we operate

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