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There are only 28 days remaining for registrants to complete the 2021/22 Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Following the 31 August deadline, registrants will have until 30 September to access and complete their CPD summary on the GCC Registrant Portal.

2021/22 CPD self-reflection: communications

As part of this year’s CPD submission, registrants must include self-reflection on their communication skills. To complete, registrants should explain how their communication skills have enabled a safe and effective service to patients and outline any plans to address areas identified for improvement. 

Visit our CPD section for more information.

Additional requirements for new registrants

Additional CPD requirements have been introduced for all new registrants. To complete, registrants must reflect on their skills, experiences, and understanding in the areas of: 

  • Standards-based care (including evidence-based practice).
  • Clinical audit.
  • Safety incident reporting and learning.
  • Patient recorded outcomes/patient satisfaction measures.
  • Reflective practice.

New registrants must consider, address and report any aspects that may need strengthening in their annual CPD return.

Additional guidance for new registrants can be found in the CPD section of the GCC website (5th pulldown tab).

Advice for completing and uploading CPD information

  1. We strongly advise registrants to upload their CPD summary as soon as possible to avoid any technical issues which may prevent the deadline from being met. 

  2. We recommend completing your CPD activity in Word or similar before uploading. By doing this, a saved copy of the CPD summary will be available, helping avoid ‘time-out’ and system or internet connection issues, which may result in its loss. Please do not suffer this awful experience.

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