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Whilst we are all in unchartered waters and are going through unprecedented and very challenging times, GCC’s primary concern is to safeguard the wellbeing of patients and the general public

We are working with stakeholders across the sector to ensure we support all chiropractic professionals’ return to normal practice at the earliest possibility, we continue to deal with complaints and concerns swiftly and effectively, and we secure the safety and wellbeing of patients and the general public.

Accessing treatment during the lockdown

We have received many enquiries on more information about practices’ closures and access to treatment.

In March 2020 we issued advice to all our registrants, emphasising the importance of continuing to follow current legislation, which came into force on 26 March.  

Although chiropractors fall under the exempt businesses and premises that are not required to close, many have chosen to do so. The provision of face to face care is a matter for each individual chiropractor and they must use professional judgement in determining whether it is appropriate to see patients and to carefully consider the guidance about staying home and saving lives.

Some chiropractors are providing remote consultations or are open for emergency/urgent appointments. However, in many cases, only essential, urgent or emergency services should be delivered, and many routine NHS services are now suspended for public protection. We still expect all providers to continue to put patients’ health and wellbeing first, in line with the Code of Practice and guidance.

You can visit our online portal to search for a registered chiropractor, which can be accessed here.

If you are unable to access the help you require, seek medical advice from NHS 111.

You can read the advice issued by the Royal College of Chiropractors on clinic closures here.

Making a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint we are conducting investigations as normal for standard cases.