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Each year chiropractic education providers are required to complete an annual monitoring form. The results of the survey (reported as Chiropractic Education Review 2021- 2022) are used to ensure that undergraduate chiropractic education and training remains of a high standard.

This year's report is particularly important as we move towards implementing the new Education Standards with an increased focus on patients and their care. This is also the first year that the survey has asked providers to report student data on the protected characteristics of age, sex, disability, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Just for fun, in conjunction with publishing the summary, we are asking you to test your skill and judgement on this GCC Annual Overview of Chiropractic Education quick quiz:

Question 1

How many UK providers currently offer a qualification that allows you to register as a chiropractor with the GCC?

a) Four b) Five c) Six

There are currently five education providers in the UK offering chiropractic degrees. These are:

Question 2

At the time of the report, how many students were currently studying chiropractic (across all years and all providers)?

a) 1139 b) 1484 c) 1658

There were 1658 students enrolled on courses and training to be (human) chiropractors.

Question 3

While 82% of the UK population describe their ethnicity as white, what proportion of new students in 2021/22 describe their ethnicity as white?

a) 68% b) 75% c) 93%

In the 2021/22 intake, 68% of students self-described their ethnicity as white.