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Last year the GCC asked registrants how well the retention processes worked for them and if they thought any improvements were needed. Yes, was the answer.

Overall, 75% of registrants found the retention process easy to understand and complete, ie. completing the GCC retention application, updating professional indemnity information and paying the registration fee. Furthermore, 92% of registrants were content with the given notice and the time to complete the process.

While this is a positive overall result, a quarter of registrants found the process wanting. We must do better.

The biggest concerns raised were about the functionality of the GCC website; notably, the experience from mobile phones, the system 'crashing' and how log-in could be more straightforward. Other issues raised were the complexity of payments and the lack of awareness of the GCC direct debit pre-payment option.

Actions for 2022

First, we would like to thank registrants for taking the time to complete the survey.

We are acting on some of the technical issues raised, including addressing payment problems and clarity around outstanding payments. We also plan to promote the option to pre-pay registrants’ fees in advance by direct debit.

By addressing the top concerns raised, we hope retention this year will be more seamless and painless for registrants.

Retention and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Although CPD and retention processes are invariably linked, one closely following the other, they are distinct. However, many registrants viewed both as one process and took the opportunity to comment on the system for providing their CPD information.

The feedback indicates work is needed to address the experiences of the GCC Registrant Portal and, in particular, the CPD section. Further research has been planned for after the CPD submission deadline.

The GCC received 570 survey responses, equating to 16.7% of the registrant base, providing a +/- 3.68% margin of error on a 95% confidence rate.