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Registrants are reminded that any learning they wish to include in their 2020/21 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) summary must be completed by 31 August.

Following this deadline, registrants will have until 30 September to access and complete their CPD summary on the GCC Registrant Portal.

If you are struggling to undertake CPD learning due of the Covid-19 pandemic, registrants are reminded that the GCC will accept informal learning from/with others, such as case discussions, shadowing other chiropractors or healthcare professionals, and talking with other healthcare professionals to better understand their approaches.

Learning with others can be either face-to-face or remote. If you have attended online courses, these can included on condition that they were live events where you were able to interact with attendees.

You will find additional information and CPD resources on our website.

If you need assistance to complete your summary online, email the GCC CPD team.