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The GCC has launched a consultation on its draft Education Standards to replace those published in 2017.

The consultation follows 18 months of work to review, revise and update the existing Standards and incorporate significant changes, including:

  • Further placing patients and their safety at the core of all chiropractic learning.
  • Accounting for developments within the chiropractic profession, increased focus on multi-disciplinary learning, and for healthcare professions to work more closely together, all ensuring graduates meet the opportunities to care for patients in different contexts.
  • Embedding the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion throughout.
  • Emphasising the integration of critically appraised evidence into practice. New chiropractors will have the knowledge and skills to appraise and use evidence in their professional practice.
  • Providing a realistic and comprehensive set of outcomes for graduates to meet on recognised programmes, demonstrating an ability to practise in accordance with the GCC Code.
  • Remaining consistent, as appropriate, with the outcomes set by other UK healthcare frameworks and standards.

The draft Education Standards are organised into two sections:

Section one Standards address curriculum content, setting out learning outcomes required of a programme to achieve its approval by the GCC.

Each learning outcome must be demonstrably included and appropriately assessed within the educational programme to be recognised by the GCC.

Section two Standards represent requirements for a programme's design, delivery, assessment and monitoring.

These Standards set out an unequivocal basis for a programme’s approval. We expect programmes that meet these Standards to teach ethical, professional care and produce competent healthcare professionals who can serve the needs of patients and, importantly, interact and co-operate with other healthcare professionals as a member of the wider health and social care community.

How to submit your comments

The GCC seeks submissions from all stakeholders, individuals and organisations. At the end of the consultation period, all responses will be reviewed and evaluated. Revised Education Standards will be presented to the GCC Education Committee in November 2022 and Council in December 2022 for approval with proposed implementation from 2023 onwards.

Visit our consultation page to view the draft Education Standards and submit your views and comments.

The deadline for consultation submissions is 16 September 2022 (noon).

Find out more about current GCC consultations here.