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As part of its Professionalism in Chiropractic project, the GCC has published the ‘Enhancing Patient Care Through Competency’ toolkit, the latest release in a series of professionalism-focused guides published by the GCC.

Demonstrating the highest levels of competency as a healthcare professional is critical to achieving the trust and confidence of patients. For chiropractors, competency means showing the appropriate knowledge and skills to treat patients safely and effectively.

Suggesting steps for registrants to demonstrate competency and providing helpful top tips, the ‘Enhancing Patient Care Through Competency’ toolkit is a useful resource for chiropractors.

The new toolkit reminds registrants that competency is not static and that to deliver high standards of care and provide the best available advice to patients, registrants must keep up to date with the latest evidence relating to professional practice and prioritise Continuing Professional Development (CPD).