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Invitation to retain your registration

Registrants will shortly be receiving their annual retention notice for 2022.

The notice will ask you to sign into the GCC portal and complete your online application, as well as update your professional indemnity details and pay the required registration fee.  For 2022, the fee will again remain at £800, or £100 for those who do not intend to practise during 2022. We ask that you complete your 2022 registration application by 30 November to ensure you are not removed from the register. Further information on managing your registration can be found, here.

Updating your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Information

We are asking all registrants to complete and/or update their EDI profile information during this year's registration retention cycle. Embracing diversity and providing equality goes a long way in promoting a professional culture which values talent beyond stereotypes. It also helps the individual, and profession, reach its potential beyond any prejudice.

For the GCC, the use of EDI data helps us monitor our regulatory activity for any evidence of different or disproportionate impacts on different groups, as well as provide useful intelligence about diversity within the profession. It also helps improve our policies and processes to ensure we do not unintentionally place barriers within the profession.

The GCC published its draft EDI policy in 2021 and we plan to undertake several EDI initiatives in 2022 as part of our new strategy.  We ask all registrants to complete their EDI profile information and remind everyone that this information is confidential.

More information on the GCC's EDI activity can be found here.