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The GCC website attracts over 12,000 users each month, with over 85% first-time visitors.

Many of these users will be potential patients seeking to learn more about chiropractic and where to find a registered chiropractor by using our Find a Chiropractor search engine.

In addition, to help registrants promote their status as registered healthcare professionals, the GCC created the I’m Registered logo, available from the Registrant Resource Centre. This identity mark is exclusive to registrants and can be used on written, online and social media communications and displayed within a clinic.

We now want to review both products to determine their usage and value to registrants. As primary stakeholders of both products, we ask registrants to take two minutes to complete nine multiple-choice questions

The outcomes from the research will help us improve, refresh or replace both products and support registrants to emphasise the distinct identity of chiropractors.

Take our two-minute survey