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Clear and effective communication is an essential and valuable skill for all chiropractors to help their patients feel valued, respected and supported in their treatment. Each interaction with a patient presents an opportunity for effective communication. Equally, lapses in otherwise high standards of communication can escalate.

As part of our new Professionalism in Chiropractic project, the GCC has published ‘Enhancing Patient Care Through Effective Communication', the first in a new series of guides focusing on professionalism.

The practical toolkit provides straightforward advice and guidance on communicating professionally, from initial enquiry to the end of a patient's treatment.

Penny Bance, Director of Development at the GCC, said: "Communication is an essential requirement for all healthcare professionals. However, avoidable lapses in communications with patients, such as failure to explain treatment fees or seeking consent for another person to be present during a treatment session, are real-life examples which quickly escalated into Fitness to Practise complaints. Both could have been easily avoided."

The importance of Professionalism

Demonstrating professionalism is essential in delivering safe and effective patient care and upholding and maintaining trusted patient relationships, an integral theme throughout the GCC Code. 

This toolkit is the first from the GCC's Professionalism in Chiropractic project. Throughout 2023, the GCC will continue to publish toolkits and guidance on topics to help registrants demonstrate professionalism in practice and avoid common pitfalls, some of which have led to Fitness to Practise complaints.