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The GCC continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation and the latest Government advice and guidance and expects chiropractors to be aware of developments and up to date guidance. 
From Thursday 5 November 2020 new national restrictions replace the current local restrictions. The new measures, underpinned by law, will apply in England for four weeks up to Wednesday 2 December. At the end of the period, the government is anticipating a return to a regional approach. 
The law requires certain businesses and venues to close. The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 4) Regulations 2020, Part Two of the Schedule to the Regulations, which came into force today, identifies chiropractors amongst others as businesses permitted to remain open. This is consistent with the regulations implemented during the first period of restrictions.
As such, there is no prohibition on chiropractors providing care for patients. Chiropractors should continue to exercise their professional judgement in determining whether it is appropriate to see any, and each, patient. We have consistently stated that for patients in need of care a registrant must have regard to the Code, and must: 

  • put patients’ health first, respect them and ensure that you promote their health and welfare at all times (Principle A)
  • prioritise patients’ health and welfare at all times when carrying out assessments, making referrals or providing or arranging care (A5)
  • treat patients in a hygienic and safe environment (A6)

 Chiropractors must continue to use their professional and clinical judgement in their risk assessments of treating patients relevant to the setting, procedure and context. We expect these assessments to take into account the increase in cases of coronavirus and in ensuring appropriate PPE is worn. We also expect the involvement of the patient in both of those considerations. 
We are aware that some registrants are being advised to self-isolate further to contact from test and trace services. Contact tracing (Test and Trace/Protect) is key to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. We know of some examples of local discretion as to the considerations are taken into account by contact tracers, for example, whether or not full PPE was worn by the treating clinician. Registrants must follow instructions issued by contact tracers.