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Following the publication of its EDI policy statement in October, the GCC has now published a new EDI toolkit to help registrants apply the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in their workplace.

The EDI toolkit will support chiropractors in meeting their legal requirements in treating all patients fairly, with respect, and without discrimination. It aims to ensure that chiropractors feel empowered to foster positive change, provide inclusive and affirming care, and minimise being subject to a Fitness to Practise complaint.

This toolkit is not designed to be a ‘how-to’ guide, nor to encourage EDI to be viewed as a tick-box exercise, but rather to support embedding EDI as part of a cultural approach that is an active and ongoing process.

What’s in the toolkit?

The toolkit, designed in an easy-to-follow format, provides the reader with:

  1. Top-line definitions of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  2. How EDI links with the GCC Code
  3. The business, clinical and ethical impact of EDI on chiropractors
  4. The four essential rules regarding EDI with examples
  5. EDI within chiropractic case studies
  6. Top 10 tips for EDI best practice within chiropractic

The EDI toolkit was created by Philippa Oakley, chiropractor and GCC EDI Working Group member. Alongside her work as a practising chiropractor, Philippa works extensively with organisations to help them better understand and apply the principles of EDI to meet their particular situations.

The new toolkit and policy have been developed as part of the GCC’s EDI 15-point Action Plan and are a cornerstone of the GCC 2020-2024 Strategy.

GCC/BCA Webinar

The GCC would like to thank the BCA and its President, Catherine Quinn, for hosting an October joint GCC/BCA EDI webinar.

GCC Toolkits

The EDI Toolkit is the latest in a series of GCC toolkits to help registrants. Visit our Registrant Resource Centre to download and read our toolkits on Advertising, Social Media and Websites.

Coming soon: New toolkits on professionalism and communications.