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The GCC has introduced a new Return to Practice programme to assist non-practising registrants wishing to return to clinical practice.

Designed for chiropractors who have not practised in the UK for two or more years, the programme consists of three stages:

1)   Undertaking a Learning Needs Assessment

2)   Developing a Learning Plan

3)   Undertaking the planned learning and producing a Report of Learning Activities.

What learning opportunities are available?

A broad range of opportunities can help you address your learning needs. These include reviewing regulations, standards and reviews, reading books and research articles, and attending training courses, seminars and conferences.

Finding a mentor

To help, we recommend you identify a current GCC registrant to act as a mentor and provide advice for each stage of the Return to Practice programme.

Discussions with a mentor are likely to be helpful in terms of identifying your learning needs. While these are personal to you, insight from a current registrant may help you identify areas that may have changed since you left clinical practice in the UK.

Depending on your learning needs, observing clinical practice, participating in practice activities such as clinical audits, or using clinical equipment/applying clinical techniques in a training scenario may be necessary. A mentor can help you with this.

Finally, having a mentor review your Learning Needs Assessment, Learning Plan and the final Report of Learning Activities before submission may help you ensure these are complete and meet the GCC’s requirements.

Please note that the GCC cannot assist you in finding a mentor.

Who can use the Return to Practice programme

The GCC Return to Practice programme applies to applicants and registrants who are seeking:

  • restoration to the register as a practising chiropractor, having not practised in the UK for two or more years
  • transfer to practising registration, having not practised in the UK for two or more years. Including those during the retention process.
  • initial registration two or more years after graduating with a GCC-recognised qualification
  • initial registration through the international registration route two or more years after passing the Test of Competence

If you intend to practice in the UK in 2023 and apply for practising retention, you must complete the programme before 31 December 2022. Full details of the programme can be found on our website, or should you have any questions about retention or the Return to Practice in the UK programme, please email