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The Patient Satisfaction (PATSAT) report, completed earlier this year by researchers at AECC University College in the UK, provides a contemporary evidenced based understanding of the experiences of (and satisfaction with) chiropractic care as delivered by chiropractors in the UK.

The research was carried out in two parts:

  • A systematic review of the literature that considered chiropractic patients’ satisfaction and experience
  • Data collected from UK based chiropractic patients to explore the degree of satisfaction with chiropractic care and their experience while receiving such care

The study found:

  • Overwhelmingly, chiropractic patients report high levels of satisfaction and positive experiences with their care. This was true both in the literature that examined international patient cohorts as well as the specific data collected from UK based chiropractic patients.
  • A strong therapeutic relationship and good communication between patient and chiropractor underpins high satisfaction scores and a positive experience. This was confirmed both in the international literature and through both quantitative and qualitative analysis of specific data collected from UK based chiropractic patients.

The study also considers the difference in patient expectations when meeting a chiropractor vs a medical doctor for care, and touches on .

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