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Following the publication of the updated guidance on consent in July 2022, GCC asked Community Research to consult with patients and understand more deeply the patient panel’s perspective on consent.

In particular, the research findings can be used to support registrants as they consider “consent” as part of the mandatory Continuous Professional Development (CPD) reflection in the 2022/2023 CPD year.

The research highlighted differences in patient expectation and experience between consent for chiropractic care and other health providers (for instance dentists) including:

  • the frequency of visits (weekly or 6 monthly) and the familiarity with the treatment
  • the nature of chiropractic as a “paid-for” (privately) treatment and whether that confers consent
  • the extent to which the patient behaves as a “consumer” by shopping around or using vouchers 

The patient panel felt that practictioners should not exclusively rely on a signature on a form to record consent; and there was also some surprise amongst patients about the capacity of under 18’s to consent to treatment.

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