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The General Chiropractic Council (GCC), the UK regulator for chiropractors, has decided to remove Peter Norrie Welsh (GCC registration 00904) from its Register.

This was in relation to Mr Welsh posting social media content that was inappropriate, in that the posts had the potential to:

  • Bring the profession into disrepute; and/or
  • Undermine public confidence in the profession; and/or
  • Undermine and discredit fellow professionals in the eyes of patients and the public, including by suggesting that they and/or other health professionals are lying; and/or
  • Cause alarm amongst members of the public; and/or
  • Mislead members of the public in relation to the risks associated with vaccination; and/or
  • Undermine the government’s public health programmes in respect of vaccination and other protective/preventative measures, at a time of heightened public anxiety due to the global pandemic; and/or
  • Discourage members of the public from seeking advice, treatment or from following government advice in relation to the prevention of Covid-19.

The PCC considered that Mr Welsh’s conduct was sufficiently serious to cross the threshold of seriousness to warrant a finding of unacceptable professional conduct.

Publication and media

Mr Bloom had until 2 March 2022 to appeal his removal.

In line with our disclosure policy, the determination and sanction will remain on the website indefinitely.

The full determination is available on the GCC website

Notes to Editors

  • The full determination is available at
  • A full transcript of the hearing is available on request. Payment is required for the transcript and an administration charge unless the transcript is already on file.
  • Find out how fitness to practise hearings are run on the ‘Hearings’ subsection on the GCC website: 
  • Mr Welsh’s GCC registration number is 00904. His last registered contact address was in Rotherham, England.
  • For enquires, contact Richard Campbell at
  • Founded in 1999, the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) is an independent statutory body for the chiropractic profession.  Created under the 1994 Chiropractors Act, the GCC’s purpose is to protect, promote and maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of the public.
  • The GCC is one of 10 healthcare regulators under the Professional Standard Authority with about 3,600 chiropractors on its register.