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Encouragingly, the report recognises the significant progress we have made over the last year. We are delighted to have made major improvements to the standards we did not quite meet last year, including changing our approach to fitness to practise, which we continue to improve, and effectively dealing with illegal practice cases.

We also continue to make changes to ensure our regulatory functions and our registration process are streamlined and easily accessible to all registrants and fit-for-purpose and reflect these ever-changing times, which was acknowledged in the review. But we’re not complacent and know that there is much more we can do.

The report reiterates just how important equality, fairness and transparency are and that we do all we can to ensure we address the concerns in this area. We have started the process of reshaping our policies and processes to reflect our commitment to equality and diversity. We also want to ensure members of the public are at the heart of our work through the introduction of a new feedback and complaints process and making information and feedback on our website even more accessible. 

We will continue to address the issues raised in this report and learn lessons to build on the good progress and to identify any further changes needed to inform our strategy.

‘We are pleased the PSA has recognised the progress we have made since our last review in improving our core activities, which reflects positively on our hard-working teams. We are also pleased the PSA has raised the bar on its expectations we must all meet in relation to the things we do that impact on equality and diversity. With the support and involvement of our stakeholders we will meet that challenge and look forward to sharing our plans for improvement as our work progresses', Nick Jones, Chief Executive and Registrar.

You can read the full report here.