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We have been working together with all our education providers to establish a general framework on assessment, qualification awarding and training and aim to continue collaboration on joint ways of addressing the continuous challenges surrounding COVID-19. We appreciate that education providers’ staff members and students are very concerned about the potential implications for the future. 

The restrictions in place to control the spread of COVID-19 have meant that many practical aspects of learning and teaching can no longer take place in the normal way, and institutions have departed from established procedures to continue with education and training.

We are flexible with decisions taken by educational providers to adapt their assessments for students and we have agreed on the approach our education providers are taking to final year students in order to maintain standards and keep public protection at the basis of all decisions.

In preparing students for graduation this year education providers will ensure that all students, who are awarded a qualification, will have demonstrated sufficient learning that meets the competency requirements and standards of the programme and will minimise the possibility of reduced experience.

We appreciate that any measures taken can be reviewed and changed.

The GCC Education Committee

The GCC Education Committee has met to discuss some of the changes and has highlighted specific priority areas that require action.

Members were particularly pleased to note that all education providers had been able to work together to find common solutions and provide some consistency for all students who are in a similar situation. We are pleased to see this collaboration taking place.

The Committee is also aware that there is likely to be a constant review of the situation for this year’s students and for new students should the current UK health guidelines persist for a long period of time, which will require further adaptation.

The Committee recognises that institutions are already drawing up plans to deal with the situation and are asked to document any changes made to courses.