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The GCC 'I'm Registered' logo has been created to allow registrants to promote their GCC registration status to patients and the public.   

How to use the 'I'm Registered' logo

Four versions of the 'I'm Registered' logo have been created for registrant use. Any version can be used as long as it appears clear and unaltered.

The 'I'm Registered' logo must:

  • be used in its entirety and not ‘cropped’ or ‘trimmed’
  • not be altered in any way ie. changing the colour or text of the logo etc
  • not be stretched, squashed, distorted or manipulated
  • not be changed or recreated in any way ie. only use GCC 'I'm Registered' file


And finally

  • Do not use the General Chiropractic Council’s corporate logo as this may suggest that the GCC is endorsing your practice as opposed to recognising the fact that you have valid registration.
  • Do not misuse the 'I'm Registered' logo as this will be regarded as misconduct and  may be pursued as a fitness to practise matter.
  • If a person who is not registered with the GCC uses the logo, they will be committing a criminal act and be liable for prosecution. Please email if such a matter comes to your attention.

The Code

The Code outlines the standards of performance, conduct and ethics that are expected of chiropractors in the UK. Chiropractors must meet these standards in order to join and remain on our register.

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Guidance and Toolkits

Guidance and Toolkits to help registrants remain Code compliant across a number of professional activities.

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Quality Standards and Guidelines

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Diagnostic Imaging

Radiographic imaging (X-ray) is part of the suite of diagnostic procedures used by chiropractors, either in a chiropractic clinic or through referral.

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Using your Registered Name, Number and the title ‘Dr’

This section provides guidance about using your registered name, registration number and the title ‘Dr’

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Use of ‘Chiropractic’ in a Company Name

Find out how to get a letter of authorisation from us before registering your company name

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