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Current Guidance

Advertising - January 2018

Candour - April 2016

Confidentiality - May 2018

Conflicts of interest - May 2017

Consent – April 2016

First Aid Guidance - May 2021

Maintaining Sexual Boundaries – April 2016

The use of Social Media – April 2016

Guidance on claims made for the Vertebral Subluxation Complex - originally 2010, updated 2017

This guidance sets out best practice, explains processes to follow, provides information about legislation and shows where additional support and advice can be found.  To ensure that the guidance remains current, reflects the changing healthcare environment and addresses issues from our fitness to practise cases, we only publish it electronically.

Previous Guidance

You can see our previous guidance here

We have also worked with other healthcare regulators to develop joint statements as well as guidance on important legislation, which can be found here

The Code

The Code clearly outlines the standards of performance, conduct and ethics that are expected of chiropractors in the UK. Chiropractors must meet these standards in order to join and remain on our register.

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Joint Statements

Below are our joint statements developed with other healthcare regulators, as well as guidance on important legislation.

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Advertising your services

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Diagnostic Imaging

Radiographic imaging (X-ray) is part of the suite of diagnostic procedures used by chiropractors, either in a chiropractic clinic or through referral.

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