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How should I use my GCC registration number?

To ensure your patients and the public are aware of your GCC registration status, you may wish to include the following information on your business stationery, website, social media pages and in any advertising materials:

General Chiropractic Council

Registration number 0****

Can I call myself a 'registered chiropractor'?

As all legal practising chiropractors in the UK are registered with the GCC, using the words ' registered chiropractor' is not strictly necessary but acceptable.

Can I use the General Chiropractic Council logo?

No, you must not use the General Chiropractic Council's corporate logo. However, the GCC has developed the 'I'm Registered' logo to help registrants communicate their registration status. 

Can chiropractors use the title "Doctor" or "Dr" when advertising?

If using the courtesy title "doctor" within the public domain, you must be clear that you are not a registered medical practitioner but a Doctor of Chiropractic. The public domain includes advertising, websites, social media, email signatures, stationery, signage etc.

Failure to do so may lead to an allegation of misconduct with the GCC. The ASA will take action concerning advertisements implying that chiropractors are medical practitioners.  

For further information on using the titles of "Doctor" and "Dr", see the GCC advertising Guidance and Toolkit.

The Code

The Code outlines the standards of performance, conduct and ethics expected of chiropractors in the UK. Chiropractors must meet these standards to join and remain on our register.

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Guidance and Toolkits

Guidance and toolkits help registrants remain GCC Code-compliant in their professional activities.

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Career Pathways

Discover more about other career options open to chiropractors in addition to clinical practice.

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I’m Registered mark

Exclusive to GCC Registrants, the I'm Registered mark assures your patients of your training and abilities, setting you apart from non-regulated practitioners.

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Fitness to Practise advice for registrants

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Quality Standards and Guidelines

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Use of ‘Chiropractic’ in a Company Name

Information on how to apply for a Companies House Letter of Authorisation from the GCC.

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