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A recent case heard by the Investigating Committee highlighted an issue with “Meet the Team” pages on clinic websites.

The complaint concerned a chiropractor who was in the process of moving clinic, but whose indemnity insurance was provided by the clinic he was leaving. The old clinic complained that he would not have indemnity insurance, but was accepting patients as he was listed on the “meet the team” page of the new clinic.

The IC found there was no case to answer as the chiropractor had not started working at the new clinic (despite being advertised on their website), however they recommended that clinics take great care when advertising staff who were either not registered yet, or not able to see patients yet (for insurance or other reasons).

The GCC Registration Team have also had to highlight to a number of clinics recently that new graduates should not be advertised as working at the clinic before their registration is completed.

To prevent future confusion, clinic owners are advised to either delay adding a chiropractor to the website until they are registered, insured and available to work; or to make it clear that the individual can take future bookings but is not immediately available.