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The General Chiropractic Council works to maintain the highest standards of chiropractic in order to protect the health and safety of patients and ensure all chiropractors deliver quality care. We do this by publishing a clear Code of Practice, relevant professional guidance, and comprehensive Education Standards

The GCC Register of chiropractors

Registered chiropractors must meet the highest standards of professional conduct as outlined in the GCC Code of Practice. This includes being properly qualified, registered and insured. They must also maintain their skills and knowledge through Continuing Professional Development. 

The GCC maintains the Register of chiropractic professionals. Chiropractors can only be registered if they demonstrate high standards of safety and competency.  If a chiropractor fails to meet the GCC’s Code, they may be suspended from working as a chiropractor.  

It is illegal for anyone to describe or infer themselves to a chiropractor without being registered with the GCC.

What can the GCC do and not do?

The GCC is here to help the public, patients and registrants. However, we cannot provide any health or medical advice. If you have health or medical concerns, we advise you to contact your General Practitioner. They are best placed to provide you with the best care and advice.

If you have concerns regarding a chiropractor or treatment that has been provided, we advise that you speak to the practitioner or clinic.  However, if this is not possible or you are still not happy, you can contact the GCC.

As the UK regulator for the chiropractic profession, we will look into concerns and complaints about chiropractors that are made by patients, their families, members of the public or other healthcare professionals, including fellow chiropractors.

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Who oversees the GCC?

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA), has the role of protecting patients, promoting best practice, and encouraging excellence among all the UK health and social care regulators. The PSA reviews the performance of all the healthcare regulators annually and publishes a performance review report on its website.

Speak to us, we are happy to help

The GCC is here to help protect the public and patients. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a chiropractor, you can contact us at any time.

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