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What will the chiropractor do?

During treatment, your chiropractor will choose specific hands-on or instrument-assisted techniques to improve your condition. They will explain all these techniques, including hand placements on your body. However, should you have any questions or wish for further explanation, just ask.

Removal of clothing

Depending on the treatment that you require, the chiropractor may ask you to remove specific items of clothing. If that is the case, you will be informed and, if necessary, provided with a gown to wear. If you are not comfortable undressing, talk to your chiropractor. They will advise you on suitable clothing to wear to enable them to examine and treat you.

At any time, you can request a family member or third person to be present during treatment.

How many chiropractic sessions will you need?

The number of sessions will vary depending on your condition and how the treatment progresses. However, your chiropractor should be able to provide you with an indication of the number of treatments you may need.

Most patients see improvements in their condition after a few treatment sessions. If you do not notice an improvement, your chiropractor will discuss other care options or seek to refer you to another healthcare professional.

You can decide to stop treatment at any time. You will not be expected to pay for treatments you have not received.

Lifestyle advice

Many chiropractors will be happy to provide lifestyle advice and exercises to help you manage your condition. This may include dietary and nutritional advice as well as strategies to help manage stress.

What happens if my condition doesn’t improve?

If you feel your condition has not improved within a few weeks of starting treatment, your chiropractor should discuss other possible care options or make a referral to another healthcare professional.

With your consent, your chiropractor will provide copies of your patient records to another health professional detailing the treatments that you have received. You can also ask your chiropractor for a copy of your records.

Treating complex conditions

Most patients can expect to see improvements within a few weeks of starting chiropractic treatment. However, patients with complex, long-term or reoccurring conditions may require an extended care plan, depending on how quickly they respond to treatment.  


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