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Background and purpose of consultation

The General Chiropractic Council regulates chiropractors in the UK, Isle of Man and Gibraltar to ensure the safety of patients undergoing chiropractic treatment. It is an independent statutory body established by and accountable to Parliament to regulate the chiropractic profession. It protects the health and safety of the public; by:

  • Promoting standards: The GCC will set, assure compliance, and promote educational, professional and registration standards alongside lifelong learning.
  • Developing the profession: The GCC will facilitate collaborative strategic work to support the profession's development.
  • Investigating and acting: The GCC will take right-touch action on complaints, the misuse of title or where registration standards are not met.
  • Delivering value: The GCC will be a great place to work, work collaboratively and deliver effective and efficient services.

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As the regulator for chiropractors, our role is to protect the public. One of the key ways that we do this is by setting the standards of chiropractic education alongside approving and quality assuring education programmes and qualifications that lead to professional registration with us.

Following a scoping review in 2021, which determined that the existing Education Standards, published in 2017, required development and updating, the GCC began revising the Education Standards in January 2022.

Click on our infographic to find out more about our review and revision of the Education Standards.

The revision will ensure that the Education Standards:

  • Provide a realistic and comprehensive set of outcomes to be met by graduates on approved qualifications, demonstrating an ability to practise in accordance with the GCC Code.
  • Take into account developments within the profession, increase focus on multi-disciplinary learning and different professions working more closely together across the UK, ensuring that graduates are well placed to meet the opportunities to care for patients in different contexts.
  • Remain consistent, as appropriate, with the outcomes set by other UK healthcare frameworks and standards.

Purpose: why we are consulting

This consultation sets out our draft Education Standards for providers and Learning Outcomes for students, which reflect and build on the evidence and feedback we have obtained through our scoping review.

We seek stakeholders' views on these draft Education Standards to ensure our final proposals are future-proof and fit for purpose.

We welcome all responses to the consultation.



The draft Education Standards on which we invite comments.

The equality impact assessment of the Education Standards, with comments invited within the consultation.

The GCC Education Standards consultation document in Word format.

Press Release announcing the launch of this consulation.

Ways to respond

Submissions to this consultation can be made online (see below) or by email at (click here to download the consultation document).

It is advisable to make a copy of your submission to prevent the loss of information due to internet, portal or connectivity issues. This should be done before pressing the submit button.

Information in responses, including personal information, may need to be published or disclosed under the access to information regimes (mainly the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the General Data Protection Regulation, the Data Protection Act 2018, and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004).

The GCC is a data controller registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. We use personal data to support our work as the regulatory body for chiropractors. We may share data with third parties to meet our statutory aims and objectives, and when using our powers and meeting our responsibilities.

Closing date

The deadline for responses to this consultation on the draft Education Standards is 16 September 2022 at noon. The consultation will be publicised and stakeholders will be invited to comment.

Education Standards online consultation

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