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The GCC has launched its new Social Media and Messaging toolkit, designed to help registrants remain GCC and Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) compliant along with good practice guidance when using these popular apps and tools.

The GCC Code-compliant toolkit covers a range of topics, such as security, privacy, professional boundaries and confidentiality, all of which fall under Standards B3, B4 and B5. The toolkit also outlines requirements and responsibilities when using social media for advertising, which is subject to ASA oversight. As healthcare professionals, chiropractors are required to ensure all content remains legal, decent, honest and truthful and within GCC and ASA rules.

The toolkit, together with the GCC Advertising toolkit, will help GCC Registrants avoid some of the more common issues that have arisen when promoting or advertising their business/services, some of which have led to Fitness to Practise complaints and investigations.

The Social Media and Messaging toolkit is the second in a new range of Registrant Communication Resources, alongside Advertising and Websites, and are all available for download at the GCC Registrant Resource Centre.

Find out more about our new Advertising Toolkit