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The GCC does not regulate or oversee clinics or practices - the legislation only allows us to regulate individual chiropractors. However, if you employ a chiropractor, there are certain respnsibilities that you have towards them in order to not bring them into conflit with our rules.

This page covers:

Checking the register

Anyone you employ as a chiropractor must be registered with the GCC and, as part of their registration, they must comply with The Code and associated Guidance.

All practices advertised as chiropractic clinics, or implying they offer chiropractic services, must employ a registered chiropractor. If these services are offered, but no chiropractor is employed, the practice owner will be in breach of Section 32(1) of The Chiropractors Act, 1994, which is a criminal offence.

The quickest way to check that someone is registered is to search our online Register, as all those referring to themselves as chiropractors in the UK, must be registered with the GCC.

If you come across someone who may be referring to themself as a chiropractor, but is not on the register, please let us know.

What is The Code?

The Code outlines the standards of performance, conduct and ethics expected of our registrants. They are important to all our stakeholders, from registrants and patients to education providers and associations. They are also essential to the functionality of the GCC as a regulator. We would encourage practice owners to become familiar with the Code.

Advertising chiropractic services

It is an offence for someone to advert chiropractic services in the UK unless they are GCC registered. For this reason we ask that only those chiropractors registered with us appear on any advertising, such as websites or social media. Anyone else offering chiropractic services, who is not GCC registered, will be in breach of Section 32(1) of The Act. If you are updating or posting website or social media content on behalf of a chiropractor, we ask that you consult closely with them about the content of that posting, as they can be held responsible for social media posted on their behalf - even if it was not produced by them.

Employing a chiropractor before their registration has been granted

We understand that you may be looking to employ someone who has recently graduated, or is moving to the UK to practise, but hasn’t yet completed their registration. In these cases it is important to remember that the applicant may not refer to themselves as a chiropractor before registration has been granted.

Assisting an applicant with their application

If you are intending to employ a recent UK graduate, please read through the information we publish on our website to understand the registration requirements.

Please be aware we are unable to discuss anyone’s registration application with you, or any other third party. If you have any specific questions about the application, please ask the applicant.

Our aim is to make a decision on an application within 10 days of receipt of all documentation and the indemnity insurance starting. Occasionally it can take longer to complete the application process, such as when a criminal conviction or health issue is declared.

If you intend employing a chiropractor who graduated from an education provider overseas, they will first of all need to pass the Test of Competence.

Once an overseas qualified chiropractor has passed the Test of Competence, they are eligible to apply for GCC registration.

English language requirements

It is important that all those chiropractors practising in the UK have good English language skills. Those who have recently graduated from an education provider who teaches the chiropractic programme in English and those with recent practice experience in a country where the primary language is English, are unlikely to need to provide any evidence.

Applicants applying from overseas must meet our English language requirements before they take the Test of Competence.

Returning to Practise

If you are intending to employ someone who is not currently registered, or who paid the non-practising fee when they last retained on the register, they will need to apply for practising registration.

If someone wishes to apply, but has not practised for two or more years, we will ask them to join our Return to Practice programme before they are able to apply. This is so we can be sure they have remained up to date with changes in the profession as well as their knowledge and skills. As part of the programme, we encourage the use of mentoring and shadowing a registered chiropractor, which is where you, as the employer, may be able to assist.

Annual responsibilities

There are certain responsibilities that all registrants have to fulfill every year. You will need to discuss with your employee how you can support them to fulfill these requirements.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We ensure that registrants maintain their knowledge and skills as practitioners through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). As an employer, you can support your employees by understanding the CPD requirements and ensuring they both comply with the requirements by 31 August and submit their CPD summary before the deadline of 30 September.

Additionally, we require those new to the register, and who graduated within the past two years, to complete CPD around Clinical Governance within the first two CPD years after registration is granted. The most straight forward way of meeting these requirments is for the new graduate to register on the Royal College of Chiropractor’s PRT programme

Retention on the Register

All those registered on or before 10 November, will need to apply to retain their names on the register for the following year before the statutory deadline of 30 November. Ensure that all of your employees have successfully completed the online retention process, which includes paying the retention fee, before the deadline to ensure they remain on the register and patients receive the care they need.

Paying GCC fees

If you have agreed to pay any of the fees associated with our registration processes, you should make sure that the terms on which you do so are clearly understoood by both you and your employee. The GCC is not able to enter into correspondence with you in regard to a chiropractor’s payments, even if you are funding them. Additionally, we are not legally able to refund any part of the fee once the registration year to which it relates has begun. You should ensure that your agreement with your employee clearly sets out your expectations regarding any fees you may pay on their behalf - particularly if employment ends or changes during the registration period.

Fees can be paid by electronic transfer, or the applicant can pay online with a card as part of the application process.

Retention fees can only be paid in advance, but can be paid by Direct Debit in advance of the coming year. Chiropractors can set up a Direct Debit via the portal, but we do not accept requests to set up Direct Debits from employers.

Please note that we are not able to enter into correspondence with you in regard to a chiropractor’s payments, whether or not you are funding them. We provide registrants with receipts once the process has been completed and ask that you contact the registrant if you require a copy. Additionally, we are not legally able to refund any part of the fee once the registration year to which it relates has begun. If you require a refund of any GCC fee, you will need to contact the chiropractor direct, as the GCC does not get involved with matters involving employment, unless The Code has been breached.

Demonstrating a chiropractor is registered with the GCC

The GCC distributes the "I'm Registered" mark that can be used on your website, in advertising and across your publications to show that an individual chiropractor is registered with us. This mark is only available to registered chiropractors and can be downloaded from the registrants section of the website. Ask your employee to download the mark (available in English and Welsh) to demonstrate to their patients that they are a registered professional. Please do not use the GCC Logo or any other mark to demonstrate registration.

When something goes wrong at work

If you take internal disciplinary action against a registered chiropractor, and their behaviour or practise has breached The Code, you should notify us.

If someone leaves your practice

If a registered chiropractor leaves your employment, please ask them to change their registered address on the website. We are unable to make a change to their record at your request, as we must have the consent of the registrant.

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