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Each year, as part of the quality assurance of our recognised chiropractic degrees, chiropractic education providers are asked to submit annual monitoring reports for the previous academic year for each of the degree programmes that they deliver. This enables us to ensure that all of our approved chiropractic degree programmes continue to meet the criteria set out in our education standards.

The Education Committee also meets annually with our approved education providers as part of its annual monitoring. 

A summary of the meeting held in April 2019 for the academic year 2017-18 can be seen below.

The Committee welcomed the opportunity to speak with programme leads and recognises the challenges they face in a changing higher education environment.

Issues explored included:

  • the increased use of new technology to enhance programme delivery

  • student recruitment

  • staff recruitment (a very important and current concern)

  • the involvement of patients in education - an area that the General Chiropractic Council will be exploring further as part of its programme of research.

All acknowledged the need for chiropractic to be more integrated with other healthcare disciplines and the fact that there was limited public awareness of the profession. Again, this is something that the General Chiropractic Council is focusing on with the professional associations and the Royal College of Chiropractors.

The General Chiropractic Council also has a commitment to developing its engagement strategy with students, so that we can be more responsive and they have greater awareness of our work. In line with this commitment, the Education Committee hosted its July meeting at the AECC University College; and senior members of our team will also be visiting the colleges and meeting students in the months to come.

The current providers of GCC – approved degree programmes were invited to attend the Education Committee meeting that took place in March 2018. Representatives from AECC University College, the McTimoney College of Chiropractic and the University of South Wales met with the Committee both individually and collectively.

During the individual discussions, providers gave their comments on the newly developed GCC quality assurance processes and the Committee looked at how each provider addressed the GCC’s recommendations from previous years. The joint discussion with all providers centred on the research into the perceptions of the preparedness of chiropractic graduates for practice that had been carried out on behalf of the GCC in 2017. Education providers agreed that the research highlighted some interesting trends in regards to areas of perceived preparedness.

The Education Committee was satisfied that all currently approved programmes continue to meet the GCC’s standards.

Representatives from each of the educational institutions were invited to attend the Education Committee meeting that took place in April 2017. At this meeting, discussions were held between the education providers and the Committee both separately and collectively. Topics such as student recruitment challenges; the potential impact of the UK leaving the EU; student feedback; and patient engagement in teaching and learning were discussed. From these discussions, the providers were able to share best practice and the Education Committee was satisfied that all of the programmes that are currently recognised continue to meet our standards.

From September 2017, education providers will be following our new annual monitoring and self-assessment arrangements that can be found in our guide for providers of chiropractic degrees.

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