Chiropractic Education 

The GCC regulates chiropractic education and training in the UK to make sure that chiropractors are trained to deliver high levels of patient care and safety.

To do this, we set standards and then check that education and training providers, as well as chiropractors, are working to these standards.

Undergraduate Education

We decide whether schools are entitled to provide chiropractic degrees. To do this, we set requirements on what we expect of new graduates and also standards that education providers must meet in teaching and assessing chiropractic students.

Our requirements for undergraduate education are set out in our Education Standards

We check whether or not schools meet these requirements through quality assurance activity

We publish what we find out on our website. The education providers also provide information to us in annual reports and we receive information from other areas of our work and other regulators. We also respond to concerns raised by students and education providers.

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Continuing Professional Development

Chiropractors have a responsibility to keep up to date with their knowledge, skills and expertise. We publish a guidance booklet, which sets out the principles on which continuing professional development should be based, and the roles of the relevant organisations involved in its delivery and quality assurance.

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Assuring Quality in Chiropractic Education

The GCC checks whether its Education Providers have met GCC requirements through quality assurance. This includes visiting institutions that wish to offer chiropractic degrees to ensure that the proposed programme meets our standards.

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Ensuring the Safety of Registrants from Overseas

Chiropractors from outside the UK who wish to apply for registration and do not hold a qualification recognised by the GCC must pass the Test of Competence to show that they can meet the requirements of the GCC's codes and standards and are safe to practise in the UK.

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Who We Work With

We engage with a wide range of individuals and organisations with an interest in ensuring that chiropractic education and training produces chiropractors who are appropriately trained and professional so that patients, now and in the future, can be confident that they will receive safe, high quality medical care.

These include:

We work with different stakeholders through visits, events, consultations and other activity.