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Happy New Year.

I hope you were able to take some time off during the festive break, albeit with Covid-19 continuing to impact on our personal and professional lives. It seems the Omicron variant produces less severe symptoms than its Delta counterpart, albeit transmissibility is obviously of concern.

The rules regarding testing and isolating are continuing to change and it is important that registrants keep abreast of these together with Infection Prevention and Control requirements. We will continue to monitor and report significant changes to Covid-19 guidance as they are announced.

As the pandemic will undoubtably remain high on the agenda for some time to come, it is essential that, as a valued healthcare profession, chiropractors continue to act with integrity, prioritising the safety of patients and employees. I thank you for your continuing hard work in difficult circumstances, especially with the demand for the care provided by chiropractors likely to increase substantially.

Thank you also to registrants for completing their annual retention application. We are delighted to welcome over 200 new registrants to the GCC Register in 2022. We will soon be sending a questionnaire to a representative sample of registrants seeking feedback on their registering and retention experience with the GCC.

The Register is a source of rich information, and we will publish our annual Registration report in March. I urge those who have not done so to ensure their information on diversity characteristics is up to date. You can update this information on your GCC Registrant Portal page under the diversity tab. This information helps us meet our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy commitments.

Finally, on behalf of myself and the GCC team, I wish all registrants, partners and stakeholders a happy, safe and productive 2022.

Nick Jones

GCC Chief Executive and Registrar


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