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Now that we are in the second quarter of the year and midway through Chiropractic Awareness Week (4-10 April), I want to provide registrants with an update on our recent activities.

Diagnostic Imaging and IR(ME)R inspections

As reported in the March newsletter, our guidance on diagnostic imaging has been published, bringing the profession in line with other healthcare professions and professionals. This guidance promotes the best use of imaging for the assessment and care of patients and should be considered alongside existing ionising radiation regulations and guidance. Since its publication last month, I am pleased that over 800 registrants have accessed the guidance from our Registrant Resource Centre. I emphasise that the guidance applies to all registrants.

I also draw your attention to forthcoming IR(ME)R compliance inspections by the Care Quality Commission. It is helpful that these inspections are coming just after the publication of the GCC guidance, enabling registrants with X-ray facilities to be fully prepared for a possible inspection.

Social Media communications

There is also a further reminder to registrants on the need for appropriate communications, mainly when using social media. 

I have noted continuing complaints arising from inappropriate communications, which can damage the reputation of a registrant and the profession and the trust of the public and patients.

As valued healthcare professionals, registrants are responsible for providing truthful, decent, honest and legal communications as outlined in the GCC Code; regrettably, the small number of lapses that we see are significant and avoidable.


Although recent news has been on the terrible situation in Ukraine, COVID-19 remains a serious health risk, and expectations around infection prevention and control and the use of appropriate PPE remain in place. 

Nick Jones

GCC Chief Executive and Registrar


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