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Summer seems to have swiftly come and gone. However, I do hope you found an opportunity to enjoy some rest and relaxation, albeit with Covid-19 remaining a doggedly persistent factor in our personal and professional lives.

The summer months did prove to be a productive period for the GCC with the development of its new strategy, building on achievements over the last few years. We were delighted to receive so much engagement from registrants and using new ways to gather feedback, such as through webinars, it was great to receive direct and forthright views.

We have published the consultation report of what we heard, taking that and other feedback into consideration when amending and shaping the draft strategy, which was presented to and approved by Council in September. Like me, the Council appreciated the value and contribution the consultation made in strengthening our plans. We plan to publish the new GCC Strategy 2022-24 in late October.

From the consultation engagement, I took away the following points:

  • that we do more direct communication with registrants using webinars, for example 
  • that we need to work harder at communicating the role of the GCC - there are misconceptions among some
  • there is a real desire to hear more and contribute to the development of the regulation of the profession (taking into account the review of regulation being led by the Department of Health and Social Care).

We will endeavour to do all of these.

Finally, as we enter the colder months, there is a chance that Covid-19 or other respiratory conditions may again affect our lives profoundly. I remind all registrants to take the appropriate measures and protection to ensure they and their patients remain safe.

As ever, I welcome feedback


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